Pastor Mark Tagami

Dr. Mark Tagami has served as pastor of Kaumana Drive Baptist Church since October 1, 2010.

Pastor Mark also served as pastor of the Puna Baptist Church (1989-1997) and the Kohala Baptist Mission (1988-1989).

Pastor Mark attended the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (PhD, 2007) in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, 1988) in Forth Worth, Texas.

Pastor Mark was born and raised in Hilo, and was baptized at Kaumana Drive Baptist Church in 1978. Pastor Mark is married to Charlene (Yoshina), and has a son, Kyle, and a daughter, Yaeko.



    First Sermon Delievered during Christmas Eve Service, Thrusday, December 24, 1981, at Kaumana Drive Baptist Church